Blessings In A Bag


Blessings In A Bag is a collaborative ministry project of LifePoint Community Church, Our Lady of Good Hope, St. Jacob Lutheran Church, Trinity Church of Miamisburg, and St. Henry Catholic Parish. Together we serve hundreds of students in Miamisburg elementary schools and the Miamisburg Middle School, ensuring that children in our community receive adequate food through the weekend.

Each participating church provides specific items that are included in the bags that are assembled, delivered, and given to children in need on Fridays before they go home. Participating churches take turns assembling bags and delivering them to schools. 

LifePoint Members bag during the months of November and March.plastic-bags

Bags are assembled at LifePoint Community Church in Miamisburg on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  If you would like more information about this local outreach, if you’re a family in need, or if you’re interested in helping serve, please contact Tina Combs at 937-329-6208