20 Worship Sites to Help You Grow

The purpose of this worship blog directory is to serve as a future resource in the daily life of the worship leader. The plethora of God-fearing individuals and teams who put together these wonderful websites prayerfully intended for the worship leader of any background, denomination or experience level would benefit from the many tools, tutorials, insights and other resources provided. It is the hope of every writer, every webmaster, and every worship leader who poured into these resources that God’s people would be better equipped to glorify his name. I pray that anyone who utilizes this directory will be filled with wisdom and encouraged to sing out His name to the world.

“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.” ~Psalm 29:2


Collaborate Worship

Collaborate worship is a great resource for the technical worship leader. At this website they focus on church sound, resources for songs which include piano tutorials, chord charts for guitar, lyrics, and many more.  Their blogs tackle anything from powered amplification troubleshooting to what’s expected of a worship leader. They cover mostly technical topics, but often have valuable insights into the theology of worship.

They also promote the use of Mainstage and provide patches that can be utilized through the live performance sister of Apple Logic Pro. They offer comprehensive courses in worship sound equalization and digital and analog sound board management directly suited for that new mix engineer or sound booth volunteer.



Chris Vacher

Chris Vacher’s posts are all about mentoring the worship leader. His goal is simple: show that the worship leader who reads his material is not the only one facing a particular challenge, but also that there are creative and God honoring ways to overcome each and every obstacle to healthy worship and leadership. He focuses deeply on productivity, goal setting and achievement, and worship development within teams and the local church.

Chris does not seem to be setting out to be the center stage worship leader in front of stadiums, but rather the administrative worship pastor who teaches and mentors others on how to be successful no matter their resources available. His posts are prayerfully written and will bear much fruit to the local worship leader looking for answers to their challenges.



            Beyond Sunday Worship

Pastor David out of Pittsburgh writes from the heart. In his own words “Beyond Sunday Worship exists to help worship leaders, songwriters, creatives, and church leaders get to the heart of the matter. We have a passion to love God, serve people, lead our teams, and hone the craft of local church worship ministry.”

David’s style of writing lends to reading on the go or in between appointments. They are small digestible bites of wisdom and recommendation for the kingdom minded worship leader. He targets the worship leader and pastor in most of his writings, but there are plenty of resources on more broad topics such as songwriting, music arrangement and worship art.



All About Worship

All About Worship is a theological gold mine. This blog site includes a bevy of different blog writers and podcasts who upload content practically daily. Their focus is a practical approach to complex theological discussion. They cover such topics as the dangers of isolation in ministry, history of worship, proper perspective and goal setting. This is a place of encouragement as every contributor is a current or former worship ministry member who has experience to offer and easy to follow advice for even the most difficult situations.

A 2013 worship leader magazine editor and reader top pick, this blog offers a mailing list for weekly encouragement and worship technology deals. They partner with groups to present the latest in worship technology and practicum for online courses. This is a mailing list worth signing up for to stay on the leading edge of worship ministry.



Worthily Magnify

Jamie Brown at Worthily Magnify is committed to the music and the faith behind it. The blog posts are consistently about leading the congregation faithfully to the throne through classic choir and instrumental worship. Jamie’s focus is more on beingt he best at what he does because God wants him to bring his best to the congregation. He believes strongly in the community of the worship team, and often speaks on the need for relationships to create God honoring music.

             Jamie blends his blog posts with a variety of additional media, including arrangements that can be purchased to use in the local church. Many of the posts include video presentations of the church gathering to celebrate God through music and artistic interpretation. This is truly a resource for the classic musician worship leader.



My Song in the Night

            Bobby and Kristen Gilles are the perfect “do as I do” type of blog. Their writing and media are a direct reflection of their ministry, so much so that they include song orders and descriptions of liturgical events that they are a part of. They include a transcription of the entire worship section of the service in order to help others understand what they proclaim as most important in worship. They have a jazz flavor and include many nontraditional elements into a fun and God loving celebration.

Among their many categories of blogs they have written over the years, is songwriting and worship leading. They have a heart for every form of worship, and the site offers resources for children’s worship as well as “main sanctuary” original hits. Their notes of encouragement and unique voice offer new ideas to worship leaders who may have seen their worship services become stale and uninviting.



Worship Central

            Worship Central is a collaborative site dedicated to equipping and motivating new worship leaders to live faithful lives devoted to leading God’s people in worship. This is not like any of the other blog sites summarized so far as it focuses on a training course called the Worship Central Course which helps turn new worship leaders into mighty men and women of God ready to lead others to the throne. They write regularly posted inspirational blogs about a myriad of topics and also publish a weekly podcast on a variety of worship subjects.

They also foster worship artistry through songwriting projects and their own music label. They have tutorial YouTube videos and artist interviews which offer a glimpse into the professional worship artistry world. This is an incredible resource of encouragement and inspiration.



            The Worship Community

            Much like Worship Central, The Worship Community is a professionally published “all things worship” website. They have blogs ranging from book reviews and featured songs, to worship theology and personal growth. They are honest about the songs popular in the Christian community and offer many resources to help develop the young believer and leader.

Unlike previous entries to this list, The Worship Community has an online forum, where believers are there to answer questions, encourage each other, and deal with the difficult issues that surround worship. They focus on upright teaching and a Berean understanding of the theology behind worship within this forum and spend a good amount of time ensuring strong doctrine is provided. They also have a bounty of videos surrounding the topic of worship and are a 2016 editors pick from worship leader magazine.



Worship Team Coach

            Jon Nicol is the worship mentor everyone needs in their life. He’s funny and articulate with a lot of hard lessons learned over the years. He writes insightful pieces on team organization, song development, and the things that build and encourage teams. He posts around every 3 weeks, and has many books on subjects such as team development and song selection. He has a heart for young worship leaders, and spends much of his time in one-on-one counseling with new leaders.

Jon also posts regularly online lectures surrounding important topics in worship life like “what is burning you out?” and “Six must haves for your worship team”. He offers personal training and moderates multiple support groups such as “small church/Big worship”.



We Are Worship

            We Are Worship is an international site of professional worship leaders, contemporary Christian artists, and volunteer worship team members. Backed by Integrity music, they offer 3 free songs a week which include mp3 and chord charts, and have a huge cadre of worship writers constantly adding content. They review new worship technology, discuss team building and ministry sustainment, and offer new and unique ideas to worship set list creation.

We Are Worship also publishes a regular podcast where they invite industry professionals to talk about the great things God is doing within His church. They review upcoming worship teams on the professional circuit, and have had in depth interviews with teams that have successfully transitioned to the recording artist realm. All in all a great professional resource.



            Worship Matters

Bob Kauflin, a prolific writer and the author of one of the undergraduate required readings for a worship pastor (of which this blog site is named after), has developed a wonderful online living resource that is regularly updated with content that speaks to the song leaders, arrangers, sound engineers and worship leaders. With a musically technical background and a degree in piano, Bob seeks to help worship leaders understand that what we do is not a performance, but a sacrifice to God. We willingly give our time, our energy, our resources, and our desires up to God through practice and worship.

Bob is a congregational singer, songwriter and musician who helped drive the modern Christian movement. He is a mentor every worship leader should want to have. He covers small church worship and large conference preparation. He also lists when worship events and conferences are happening so it’s a great resource for networking and personal development.



            Real World Worship

Real World Worship stylizes itself as “A blog for worship leaders who lead normal people in normal churches”. This blog is near and dear to my heart as guitar playing worship leader. Adam from Real World Worship has a blog series called “Gear Thoughts” where he discusses the popular gear that worship leaders are putting on their pedalboards, in their signal chains, and in their sound booths. He is a wealth of information when it comes to worship technology.

He also talks about the pros and cons of typical worship ministry questions, such as “should we ban music stands” or “can I buy equipment with a credit card.” He’s so much more than just a guitar guy! He talks about being sensitive to the older crowd while still pushing the envelope in artistic expression. A great resource for the guitar worship leader!



Worship Blogger

            Worship Blogger is written by professor Roger O’Neel from Cedarville University. He focuses most of his posts on the more theological concerns of worship, including celebrating Lent, the effect the reformation had on worship, and what transformational worship looks like. He has written a few books, and has a list of his favorite reads right on the blog.

What’s unique about this resource is that he is happy to hold seminars for local churches, training for vocalists or praise bands, holding clinics for leadership and one on ones with worship leaders. He is a local mentor who makes himself available for the glory of God.



Bethel Music

Bethel Music host a blog which acts more as a resource center for ministry. They address multiple factions of worship including, testimonies, devotionals, and the stories behind their original songs. With Bethel hosting a music school and worship conference, they cover topics from beginner to advanced worship musician and leader. Each member of the worship team contributes to the blog, as well as having guest bloggers to diversify their reach to believers.

I love how the Bethel team goes deep into their music and dissects each verse and line to explain to readers where their lyrics are coming from. Each post is laced with words of encouragement and hope. There is an ongoing message of victory and voicing the unwavering love of God for his followers. The creative teams also dive deeply into explaining minute details such as album covers and artwork associated with their music, which further proves they have truly thought everything through.



Austin Stone Worship

            Austin Stone Worship is a collective of worship leaders out of Austin Texas. They believe in community centered worship of God. They promote interdenominational worship and constantly post about how worship is not limited to inside the church walls. They bring up ideas of painting, pottery, and dance to worship God with, and show that expressing gratitude and giving glory to God can be accomplished through many formats. All members of the collective are volunteers and are excited to work within God’s plan.

Austin Stone also has a residency plan where those who are seeking future ministry positions may spend two years studying under professional worship pastors and leaders. They become collective contributors and share their experiences and moments of growth. It’s a great resource for those who can commit to it, but it also is a great resource for those who are unable because so much is shared through the blog site.




Christine Longhurst found her mission like most of us do, not really knowing how. She has been convicted to discover the meaning of worship and help others understand and the definition of corporate worship. In her posts she shares scriptures related to corporate worship and asks the reader a question to consider while studying the passage. She truly has a passion and talent for creating a resource for worshipers looking for the root of their favorite songs.

Not only does she provide in-depth posts which explain the meaning of corporate worship, but she also provides multiple worship indexes across many topics. Her approach is very user friendly and fast, helping any worship pastor to quickly find what they are looking for. One of my favorite features on her blog are her posts relating to holiday services. You can find indexes for appropriate song selection, sermons, and how to relate them all to the current holiday or season.  This easy to use and in-depth resource really is a life saver when you are short on time!



            Worship Together

            Worship together is a collaboration of some of the biggest names in the contemporary Christian circuit. In cooperation with Hillsong, Passion, Jesus Culture, and many others, Worship Together is a free resource site filled with chord and lyric sheets, tutorial videos, and blogs about tough music and theological issues. It is a great resource for staying on the leading edge of new congregational music, and is a great resource to direct teams to as they have free songs, devotionals and inspirations that any worship team member would benefit from.

This site is unparalleled when it comes to free worship resources, but what I like most about it is that a reader or viewer can learn the heart behind these songs, and see the passion that the artists have for what God is doing. To see Chris Tomlin still get just as excited when he is talking about the gospel in his latest release really reminds me that these are faithful men and women of God.



            Worship Life

Worship Life is a blog site for everyone on the worship team. From the teaching pastor to the orchestra leader, this site has every walk of life inside the worship genre covered. They have a weekly podcast that discusses lessons learned and opportunities to explore. They have music resources from children’s worship to large choral pieces.

Backed by Lifeway, it is no wonder that they never run dry of resources! They even have an annual conference in Gatlinburg. They also have directories which can point anyone searching for an answer to their worship related issue towards a practical and biblical answer. This blog site is packed and should be utilized by anyone seeking out new knowledge.




            Renewing Worship

            Renewing worship is a hide nothing, talk about everything blog. It focuses primarily on the technology available to the worship leader. They review lighting setups, streaming options, wireless microphones and in ear monitoring, and so much more. They look at worship planning services and backing track software, and promote local and national events for worship leaders

They also have a wealth of information on worship team development, song selection for congregations, and   how to get more involved in your community. They promote worship leader intensive programs and have resources for worship pastor selection teams. This is a powerful resource no matter the situation or condition of your worship ministry.



Centric Worship

Centric Worship was born from a question: “What would happen if we invited a few worship leaders to a week-long retreat of songwriting in the Cascade Mountains?”.  From this first meeting, this mission was born. Centric Worship has since moved into a powerhouse of song writers and artists coming together to create pure worship music and lyrics together as children of his kingdom. The mission behind these mountain meetings has transformed from creating new music to also supporting an in-depth blog which deeply dissects popular worship songs from the artists themselves.

With worship becoming more and more associated with the word genre these days, this blog takes the extra step to break down the layers behind popular worship music, while speaking with the artists to write and/or sing them. Their posts are honest and fulfilling, always bringing the reader back to the fact that we are instruments for God to work through. They also go one step further in that they speak with the artists to understand their inspiration behind the music. There are many resources which break down each line in a song and relate it to scripture, but this blog is unique in the fact that readers can understand the true birth of the music and it’s original inspiration, straight from the artists themselves. Hearing where some other artists and writers gain inspiration is inspiring and an amazing resource to have when you are in a rut.


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